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Focusing on women owned businesses, Healthy AchievHer is a program that will help Executives and CEOs as well as employees manage their stress.

Having a Health Coach as part of your employee package program connects that missing link between your current wellness package and your employees. Not only will having a Health Coach help your bottom line, but having a health coach to help employees understand where they are in life, get them out of the weeds, and create a plan of action will provide them with the tools they need to stay motivated.


I work with doctors and practitioners, nutritionists, and health care providers to give your employees the overall care that is needed

As a health coach, I will guide and motivate employees to become advocates for their own health.

I help employees achieve lasting lifestyle changes in stress management, weight-loss, heart health, smoking cessation, nutrition and physical activity

With an individualized approach, I meet the employees where they are, I arm them with education and co-create SMART goals that helps them gain new skills that move them closer to their highest well-being


I work both virtually and in-person Rely on actionable medical data such as medical tests and tracking devices (Fitbit, Apple watch, aura ring, etc)



Understanding of the Functional Medicine Food Plans


Understanding of tests: GI Map and Genova Diagnostics


Understanding of Cardiometabolic markers


Gut Restoration and Digestive Health


Hormone Imbalances


Metabolic Syndrome and Cardiovascular Health


Weight and Metabolism


Chronic Stress


Mental Health


Emotional Eating

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Yoga at Home

Individualized Packages


I will put together a package that will be individualized and meet your overall needs. Schedule a complimentary call to discuss and I will send over a proposal.