All I want for Christmas is…Some gift ideas for the women in your life

Tis the season for gift giving – you know, 1 for you..2 for me ;) As you get bombarded with a gajillion (yes that is a word I looked it up) emails and social media posts from every store, vendor, product, influencer begging you to buy their products or services as it “the best gift out there” I am happy to say….here is one more!

In all seriousness, I gag at the thought of selling something you don’t need or something that does nothing for the world we live in. We live in a world of “too much stuff” and I am not about to jump on that train.

In fact, the two companies I will be going into detail are 2 companies I use and that align with my values. Values of clean and sustainable living, of caring not only for the environment and our world but caring for you!


What can I say about Araza Beauty that I haven’t said before?

I have been using Araza for at least 6 years now and can’t even use anything else. Araza Natural Beauty is a line of makeup and skincare products crafted only with healthy fats, organic plant-based ingredients, and minerals which work together to feed and nourish your skin. It’s truly the cleanest makeup on the market—you could sleep in this stuff!
Instead of conventional makeup ingredients, which contain everything from endocrine-disrupting chemicals to toxic pigments, Araza’s makeup line allows you to play with modern, fun color while feeding and nourishing your skin.

It’s absolutely the best of both worlds.

It’s become my go-to everyday makeup because it’s truly natural AND truly effective. The colors are rich and pigmented yet free of harmful chemicals and artificial dyes. The foundation provides natural sun protection in a true range of shades yet covers even the redness. The lip gloss is so natural and soft, not sticky.

Araza’s founders, sisters Lindsey and Jen, describe creating their company after a cycle I know all too well: choosing makeup for its performance, ignoring the ingredients, and making their skin even worse. Like me, Lindsey and Jen started to wonder if their favorite makeup was detrimental to their health.
I’m so grateful they created Araza for those of us who care about performance and health!
Here are a few of the gift giving ideas that will ensure you will put a smile on her face – with Araza lip gloss of course


I found out about Ana Luisa Jewelry as they reached out to me about a partnership. After reading up on whom they are and their beautiful one of a kind hand crafted jewelry pieces, I couldn’t say no!

Ana Luisa jewelry is a sustainable, ethically sourced, environmentally friendly, and carbon-neutral online jewelry store. Metals that are mostly made from recycled material designed in New York and crafted with vetted partners that hold social and environmental standards as well as philanthropy whether it’s the environment or the low-income and homeless families in need.

I cannot tell you how much I absolutely love them! Their pieces start at $39 with sales up to 25% off. Get your Holiday gift on Ana Luisa Jewelry

There you have it! 2 of my favorite gift ideas this year and gifts that also give back! Happy shopping!

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