5 ways to have a healthy Christmas

The holidays are always so tough when it comes to trying to get healthy or even stay healthy. There is so much food and treats that we end up feeling like Santa Clause when all is said and done.

But what if I told you that there is a way to be healthy and still enjoy the holidays. Actually here are five ways to have a healthy Christmas

1) Make a healthy dish

You can always make a healthy dish whether a side, a main or a desert. If you are the host, incorporate the dish with everything all the other delicious meals. If you are not the host, bring it along for everyone to eat. I am sure that the host and everyone will appreciate it and they will not even know it is good for them (unless you give away the secret…shhh).

2) Drink water

Sounds easy, but we tend to get super dehydrated around this time. We are drinking more alcohol and eating more we don’t get the sufficient amount of water. One way that might help is to put a reminder on your phone to drink at least 8 oz of water at that time. When you drink more water you cut down on the alcohol consumption which leads to poor food choices. Even if you do not drink alcohol, increasing your consumption of water will curb the feeling of hunger when it was that you were dehydrated all along.

3) Move more

If you already workout, keep going – I see a lot of people drop off the end of the year which will only get harder to get back into it once the new year hits. If you don’t workout, now is a good time than any to get started so you are not putting it off when January hits – this will show how committed you are to sustain your workouts after the New Year’s resolutions wear off. You don’t have to go to the gym or have a rigorous workout program, just get up and get moving. Make it fun, whatever you love to do (dance, yoga, weights, HIIT, walking/running) do it and do it as often as you can. I know there is a lot of traveling around this time of year. Bring mini bands for an easy but effective in home workout. Also, go for a walk or run (weather permitting, unless you have a treadmill that is accessible). Do a Tik Tok dance with family members and have fun! Movement and exercise not only burns calories but it also lifts the mood and gives you more energy to enjoy with your family

4) Give yourself permission of moderation

This takes being mindful of how you are feeling and what you are doing at the moment of piling your plate with all the goodies. Maybe make a plan ahead of time or have an accountability partner such as a spouse or a family member. Go into the event with your goal and arm yourself with confidence that you can have small portions of everything, savor each bite, and enjoy the time spent. You don’t need to overindulge and you also do not need to restrict yourself.

5) Laugh and laugh often

They say laughter is the best medicine and I agree. This is a time to spend with family and friends and create lasting memories. Even watching Christmas classics such as Elf or Christmas Vacation, enjoying the time with laughter will lower your stress and increase your endorphins. So laugh and laugh often!

Give yourself a gift of health by following these five ways to keep yourself healthy throughout the holidays, yet still enjoy it!

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