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Are you a high performing, high achieving female entrepreneur and executive 40-60 years old who needs to operate at peak state in order to meet the high demands of corporate, family and social life?

Do you feel the demands and expectations of society and the need to compete in business while being a great mom/partner/spouse?

Do you have fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, gut issues and are easily irritable?

Is your self worth tied to performance and are you chronically stressed trying to hold it all in together keeping the perfectionist afloat?

Being a high performer should not come at the expense of your health or your family!


I know how it is as I have been there....

As a former corporate executive strung out on high pressure deadlines, I burnt myself out at the same time struggling to find my purpose

Over the last decade, I have spent the majority of my time learning principles of health and wellness recently becoming a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach with an emphasis on high performing female entrepreneurs wanting to do good for the world and their family


Once you have completed my 6 week coaching sessions, you will enjoy...

Incredible mental clarity with the ability to focus on important work for long periods of time

Less pain with greater exercise capacity

An ability to be in stressful situations without feeling overwhelmed

What we want to avoid...

Losing your edge at work

Feeling like you've failed your family

Not experiencing a thriving joy fulfilled life 

What you will become...

A confident, capable and more like your old self without the self abuse

A thriving powerhouse woman firing on all cylinders

There is no better time than now to get started...self care is wealth care!