About Me

I get it!

I worked in high stress corporate environments, and Fortune 500 Companies

I had poor sleep habits which caused a lot of gut issues and poor cognition

I worked all the time in a job and side hustles with little to no play time 

As a perfectionist, I would be so hard on myself for making a mistake

Disordered eating kicked in high gear as I wouldn't eat or I would emotionally eat, destroying my digestive system

Chronic stress wreaked havoc so much so that I had adrenal fatigue at age 41

I began to take my health seriously and began to

Set boundaries for myself 

Created a successful morning routine that includes both mind and body

Fuel my body with essential nutrients along with mindful eating

Listen to my body and rest when needed

Give myself more grace

Carve out play time each week

Decided to embark on a journey in health coaching and am now a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach 

Rest assured you are in good hands...

My mission statement: Changing behaviors by empowering entrepreneurial women in their 40’s and beyond to know their self worth!

What brings me joy...

If you can't tell already, I love the sun and being outside in nature and the beach with the ocean waves always puts a smile on my face. I have a wonderful husband and a fur-baby, a cat named Bella, both of whom help calm me when I am stressed. I enjoy fitness in all types - HIIT, spin, yoga, weight lifting and Pilates. I have been recovering from eating disorders and body issues  due to being a control queen and now have the ability to just let it go. And finally my top 3 character strengths are Love, Hope and Gratitude. I am truly grateful that you are here and hope to be able to serve you at the highest level because you are worth it... Love, Elizabeth